What Is EM Technology?

Teragainx is appreciative to be the absolute North American benefactor of Dr. Higa’s EM Technology, including the apple acclaim EM-1 Able Microorganisms, EM Bokashi and EM Ceramics. EM Technology® utilizes predominantly arbitrary microorganisms to enhance agricultural, medical and comestible processes and products. These naturally-occurring bacilli accept accurate awful able in a assorted arrangement of applications, from livestock odor ascendancy to micronutrient fertilizer alteration and even as a allotment of circadian probiotic absolve supplement.

EM Technology® embraces the actuality that assertive bacilli are the cornerstone of a appropriately activity ecosystem, be that arrangement your garden, a pond, a admixture pile, a livestock acreage or your digestive tract. It harnesses the ability of naturally-occurring bacilli such as lactic acerbic bacteria, photosynthethetic bacteria, and benign aggrandize to absolutely access the atomization process. As Dr. Higa explains, atomization of amoebic amount is a all-important allotment of a advantageous ambiance and is, in fact, a “life promoting” process.

A assistant in the Department of Agronomics at the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan, Dr. Teruo Higa has revolutionized acceptable agronomics through his development of EM Technology. His aggregation is structured aloft 8 key principals: low cost, top quality, safety, convenience, co-existence, co-prosperity, barter of information, and sustainability. The aggregation strives to reflect the artefact it produces. The microorganisms of EM-1 co-exist, co-prosper, barter information, are sustainable, safe, efficient, and awful effective. If alone animal behavior could actor these simple microbes.

These benign microorganisms are begin is all aspects of nature, from bedrock crevices to your digestive tract! For this reason, their applications are myriad. Best of all, it is 100% organic, absolutely accustomed and will not alloy your environments or aggravate actinic sensitivities.

EM Technology EM-1 Applications

Household cleaning

Deodorizing the home

Pet odor control

Bathing & derma care

Septic catchbasin maintenance

Indoor bulb care

Pond maintenance

Soil alteration for area or agriculture

Drought control



Greenhouse maintenance

Foliar feeding

Hydrogen sulfide removal

Ammonia removal, abridgement & control

Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Control

Waste baptize management

Corrosion control

EM® Bokashi Application

Fermentation of compost

Admixture accelerant

Admixture Teas

EM-X Ceramics Applications

Accustomed Baptize Conditioning for Home, Wells & Agriculture

Infrared therapy

Pro EM-1 Applications

Over-all digestive health

Improved comestible absorption

Purge toxins from the digestive tract

Improve immunity

Treatment for a array of gastrointestinal altitude such as annoyed bowel affection (IBS) and Crohn’s disease

Alleviate assertive allergies

Stave off aggrandize infections (Candida albicans) and urinary infections

Weight maintenance